Wenzhou cicel vacuum machine co., LTD

Evaporation coating equipment, large multi-arc ion titanium equipment
  • CCZK-ION Multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine
    CCZK-ION Multi-arc ion vacuum coa...

    Decoration hardware products(watch shell/golf-club head/spectacle frames)

  • CCZK-SFL Continuous magnetron sputtering coating l...
    CCZK-SFL Continuous magnetron spu...

    ITO film, wall glass,Amorphous silicon solar cell, Low-e glass,aluminum mirror and color mirror,etc.

  • CCZK-RC Rolling coating machine
    CCZK-RC Rolling coating machine

    Coating on kinds of thin film(such as PVC,PET,PI,CPP)

  • CCZK-PL Auto lamp silicone protective film coating...
    CCZK-PL Auto lamp silicone protec...

    Especial for coating Auto lamp,senior reflector.Evaporating aluminium

  • CCZK-OGS Optical electronic gun coating machine
    CCZK-OGS Optical electronic gun c...

    Optical lens,senior AB color plastic stone, phone glass screen

  • CCZK-EL Evaporation vacuum coating machine
    CCZK-EL Evaporation vacuum coatin...

    Chi-use innovative R & D CCZK-EL automatic evaporation coating equipment

Wenzhou cicel vacuum machine co., LTD is located in wenzhou economic and technological development zone(binhai industrial park), has a large modern standard industrial plant. Cicel is the largest manufacturer of vacuum equipment in the Middle area of china, and also a professional mechanical equipment manufacturers....

Wenzhou cicel vacuum machine co., LTD
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